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Bravo head honcho has basically admitted that Lisa Vanderpump an Brandi Glanville are two of his favorite housewives. In an video posted on The Dish on Tuesday,oakley sunglasses cheap, Feb. 18, Andy said that he would trade places with Lisa and Brandi.
“Part of me wants to say Lisa Vanderpump because I really covet her closet. I really think about that closet. I want to have a closet like that one day. But I think I’m going to say Brandi [Glanville] only because I would love the ability to say whatever the hell…like she has Tourette’s in some weird way. She just says things,oakley flak jacket,” he replied when asked which housewife he would trade places with.
So it seems pretty clear that Andy doesn’t have a problem with Brandi’s habit of saying inappropriate things and revealing people’s secrets and why would he,oakley jawbone, since it clearly brings a lot of publicity and ratings for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Interestingly enough, one of the housewives who is very mad at Brandi right now because of what she has said is Lisa Vanderpump, Andy’s other favorite housewife.
In her latest Bravo blog entry, posted on Tuesday, Feb. 18, Lisa strongly denied Brandi’s claim that she had Cedric deported after their falling out. Lisa has also demanded, via Twitter, that Brandi retract her claim that she was once filing for bankruptcy.
Which housewife would you trade places with?
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